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Personal Training FAQS

How do the session fees at The Strength Shoppe compare to other Pasadena personal trainers?

The fees for the Pasadena personal trainer sessions at The Strength Shoppe are $75 per thirty minute once-a-week session. Some Pasadena personal trainers charge as low at $35 per thirty minute session but advise multiple sessions throughout the week to ensure results. The Superslow technique performed on specialized equipment need only be performed one time each week to yield maximum benefits. A Superslow workout with a personal trainer Pasadena at The Strength Shoppe is a better value saving you valuable time and money when compared with the other techniques requiring multiple sessions each week.

Is Superslow training with Pasadena personal trainers at The Strength Shoppe suitable for all ages?

Yes. The Strength Shoppe personal trainers Pasadena coach people of all ages. Superslow was developed through an Osteoporosis physical therapy study in an attempt to reverse debilitating cases of Osteoporosis in 80 and 90 year olds. The technique is very safe and reduces the force on your joints, bones, and connective tissues. Many older adults find their Superslow workouts with the Pasadena personal trainers at The Strength Shoppe improve not only their bone density and strength but also their flexibility and posture. The technique has also been shown to reduce the incidences of injuries in older adults due to stronger bones and more protective muscle. Superslow is also highly recommended for children. Strong Kids, Healthy Kids by Fredrick Hahn explains the numerous benefits strength training with Pasadena personal trainers at The Strength Shoppe yields for children of all ages. Teaching children and teens correct form during exercise will ensure that your child grows strong and healthy. p>

Is Superslow training with the personal trainers Pasadena at The Strength Shoppe safe for pregnant women?

Yes. Pregnant women should always seek the advice of their physician when beginning an exercise program, but due to the safety of the Superslow technique, pregnant women enjoy great results with the Pasadena personal trainers at The Strength Shoppe. Some women have even reported easier deliveries with their babies when using the Superslow technique during pregnancy as opposed to other forms of exercise. The breathing techniques utilized during a Superslow workout are similar to those encouraged during labor and the endurance earned through sessions with Pasadena personal trainers help exponentially during labor. Women who train with the personal trainers Pasadena at The Strength Shoppe also report less back pain during pregnancy due to their increased strength. A few minor adjustments are made to the workout in the third trimester.

Do I have to do cardio on my own?

No. Your session with your Pasadena personal trainer at The Strength Shoppe is a cardiovascular workout. An effective cardiovascular workout will challenge your heart and lungs and make them work harder than they are used to working. When your muscles are intensely challenged during a workout with your Superslow personal trainer Pasadena, your working muscles require more oxygen to complete the increased workload. Your heart and lungs need to work harder to deliver more oxygen to your working muscles. During your workout with your personal trainer Pasadena, you will feel your heart rate increase and your breathing become rapid. As you exhaust your muscle through Superslow high-intensity strength training, the glycogen stored in your working muscles is depleted. Your body must then draw glucose from your bloodstream to replenish the supply of glycogen in your depleted muscles. This process helps balance your glucose levels and decreases your risk of suffering from cardiovascular disease. Furthermore, when you build muscle, new capillaries must be formed to deliver oxygen to this brand new tissue. Your cardiovascular system grows stronger as your body grows stronger. If you enjoy cardio activities, we encourage you to continue to enjoy them; however, additional forms of exercise are not necessary.

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