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Personal Training And Safety

Some people have negative experiences working with personal trainers in Pasadena who lack focus and let their attention during the session stray from the client. A client’s safety is compromised when a Pasadena personal trainer becomes disinterested, engages in conversation with other clients or trainers, or answers calls or text messages during a session.

The Pasadena personal trainers at The Strength Shoppe are dedicated to safely coaching their clients through each exercise without any distractions. The facility, located at 350 South Lake Ave in Suite 105 in Pasadena, California, does not have any television monitors or music blaring. Each session is private so that the personal trainer Pasadena and the client both remain focused on the exercise and focused on maintaining proper form to effectively fatigue the targeted muscles.

The Superslow technique utilized by the Pasadena personal trainers at The Strength Shoppe was developed through physical therapy for patients with debilitating cases of Osteoporosis. The goal in creating this new approach was to create a workout that would increase bone density rapidly but reduce force and stress on the patients’ brittle bones and joints. The Pasadena personal trainers at The Strength Shoppe encourage slow movements to reduce the force on your body because moving slowly eliminates the use of momentum and allows you to be in complete control of the weight throughout the entire range of motion.p>

Without momentum controlling the direction and the speed of the weight, the risk of injuring yourself while lifting weights is completely eliminated. When you are in control of the weight, you are able to stop lifting and gently set the weight down at the onset of pain or when your form begins to falter and become dangerous.

Also, since momentum is not in control of the weight, your muscle must remain in control of the weight throughout the entire exercise resulting in a deeper level of fatigue in a shorter amount of time. When muscle fatigue is reached in a shorter amount of time, less repetitions must be performed to experience the maximum benefit, which results in less wear and tear on your joints. The personal trainers Pasadena at The Strength Shoppe focus their undivided attention on you to prevent you from performing the exercise incorrectly or endangering your body in any way.

Most exercises are performed on specialized equipment that increases both the safety and the effectiveness of the workout. The machines are designed to reduce friction and encourage slow lifting through smooth movements. The Pasadena personal trainers at The Strength Shoppe receive a high level of training in not only the technique of Superslow and the effects of the workout on your body and how to maximize your results but also in using this specialized equipment. Exercise on weight machines can easily cause injury if you are not positioned in the machines correctly.

Your Superslow personal trainer Pasadena will ensure that you are properly positioned in each machine during every workout. Sessions with the Pasadena personal trainers at The Strength Shoppe not only increase your results but also increase your safety. Furthermore, Superslow strength training increases your personal safety when you are not working out as well. Muscle acts as a cushion around your bones and joints protecting you from trauma. You are less likely to suffer injury with muscle on your body because muscle absorbs the impact of a fall or accident. Call The Strength Shoppe today and find out how you can increase your resistance to injury through a safer and more efficient workout.

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