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Superslow Personal Trainers

Not all Pasadena personal trainers are created equal. The knowledge and skill of your personal trainer is proportionate to the results you will see from your personal training sessions. At The Strength Shoppe, our Superslow personal trainers understand the dose-response relationship of exercise.

Many people, some at the advice of their personal trainer Pasadena, mistakenly believe that they will see better results the longer and more frequently they exercise. This common misconception is one of the reasons that many people, whether working out on their own or with a Pasadena personal trainer, do not see the fitness results they were expecting and/or are unable to maintain the results they do see.

The results you see from your workout are directly proportionate to the intensity of the exercise. The intensity of the exercise is the key to an effective workout (as opposed to the duration or the frequency of the sessions). It is possible for clients to see results when they first begin working with a personal trainer in Pasadena who does not challenge them intensely because these changes in their health and fitness are generally a symptom of simply beginning a workout regimen and not due to the effectiveness of that regimen.

In order to illicit ongoing improvements to your health and fitness, it is necessary to challenge your body in an unprecedented way. Unfocused exercise that doesn’t intensely work your muscles is a waste of time for you and your personal trainer Pasadena. When you exercise, you cause microscopic tears in your muscle fibers. In the days after your workout, your muscle fibers repair and rebuild and you gain strength and muscle tone. The more intensely you work your muscle, the more time after your workout the fibers will need to rebuild and repair.

Workouts at The Strength Shoppe with a Superslow personal trainer Pasadena exhaust your muscles so intensely that your body will require 5-7 days of rest before your next session. Pasadena personal trainers who do not use the Superslow method will utilize more sessions for longer periods of time in an attempt to match the results achieved in a twenty minute workout with a Superslow personal trainer Pasadena one time a week.

Understanding how a muscle is exhausted is the key to designing an effective workout program. Everyone has two main types of muscle fibers: slow twitch and fast twitch. Slow twitch muscle fibers are used in everyday activities and recover very quickly. Fast twitch muscle fibers are our “fight or flight” muscle fibers and are reserved for intense exertions such as sprinting, weight training, or emergency activities where adrenaline takes over.

In order to thoroughly exhaust your muscle, you must exhaust both types of muscle fibers. Your workout with your personal trainer Pasadena will not be effective in reaching your health and fitness goals if you do not exhaust your fast twitch muscle fibers. These fast twitch muscle fibers are difficult to exhaust, which is why it takes a skilled Superslow personal trainer Pasadena to safely help you reach the intensity required to exhaust your entire muscle. If you are resting between sets or locking out or using momentum while working out with your personal trainer Pasadena, you will not thoroughly exhaust your muscle and you are not giving your body the impetus to illicit the changes you desire.

At The Strength Shoppe, our private workouts are focused and intense. You will be coached through a workout that will safely, effectively, and efficiently exhaust your muscles. We do not play music or have televisions to distract you from your one goal at the gym: to exhaust your muscles and gain strength and the associated benefits to your health and fitness. Our Superslow personal trainers Pasadena coach you through an effective workout without any wasted time or wasted energy.

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