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Three Pillars of Total Health and Fitness

The personal trainers at the Strength Shoppe use three pillars to help their clients attain total health and fitness. With the help of your Pasadena personal trainer, your health goals can be reached simply and easily by concentrating on the three pillars: Superslow strength training, nutrition, and rest and recovery.

Superslow strength training is a safe yet very effective, efficient form of high-intensity weight training. In order for exercise to be most effective, proper form must be maintained. Your Pasadena personal trainer will monitor your repetitions to see that they are the correct speed to completely eliminate momentum so that your muscle is working throughout the entire movement, that they are smooth and fluid to eliminate unnecessary force on your body, and that you are lifting the correct weight and performing an adequate number of repetitions for your workout to yield the best results.

The personal trainers, Pasadena at The Strength Shoppe design a program for you that will work your total body in the optimal number of exercises each session. Your personal trainer, Pasadena will also ensure you are breathing correctly in order to deliver oxygen to your working muscles and thoroughly exhaust them. Proper breathing techniques are also a safety precaution as holding your breath can unnecessarily raise your blood pressure. You will be encouraged to focus completely on the exercises and refrain from engaging your personal trainer, Pasadena in conversation until after your personal training session. Much care is taken regarding each of these factors to guarantee your best workout possible and to maximize the benefits you enjoy from the exercise aspect of your fitness program with your Pasadena personal trainer.

The personal trainers, Pasadena at The Strength Shoppe also design a nutritional protocol for each individual client. Nutrition is a very important part of a fitness program, and in order to achieve optimal results, you must use proper nutrition to properly fuel your body and build muscle. Following a balanced eating plan consistently and throughout your life is key to achieving and then maintaining the results you desire from your program with your Pasadena personal trainer. p>

If losing weight is your goal, tweaking your diet is vital to seeing the firm, toned physique created through your Superslow workouts. The Pasadena personal trainers at The Strength Shoppe recommend eating small frequent meals throughout the day. You will be given plenty of food choices that fit into a balanced, whole foods eating lifestyle. The foods you enjoy should be as close to their natural forms as possible. Processed foods should be avoided, and excessive sugar intake is discouraged. Your personal trainer will recommend you avoid skipping meals as depriving your body of a steady stream of nutrients will lead to uncontrollable cravings and an inefficient system. Your nutrition program will include only foods you enjoy, and with the help of your Pasadena personal trainer, you will easily achieve and maintain your goals.

The third pillar in Pasadena’s Strength Shoppe program is the most often overlooked component of an effective fitness program. When you exercise, specifically when you lift weights with your Pasadena personal trainer, you cause microscopic tears in your muscle fibers, which temporarily weaken your body. In the days after your workout, your muscle repairs itself by forming new muscle tissue just as your skin repairs itself from a cut by forming new scar tissue. Through the formation of this new muscle tissue, you become stronger and as a result of that strength, more defined. If you exercise too often, you constantly weaken your body without allowing the muscles time to recover, rebuild, and become stronger. Too much exercise also creates oxidative stress and can actually age you!!!

Your Pasadena personal trainer will advise you on how you can appropriately incorporate your Superslow personal training sessions with other athletic activities you currently enjoy to get the most out of your program. Finding a healthy balance between meaningful exercise and rest and recovery will prevent injuries, including repetitive stress injuries suffered by many active people.

The three pillars of The Strength Shoppe program will help you reach your health and fitness goals safely and quickly. Contact your personal trainer, Pasadena at 626.999.4850 now!

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