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Our Pasadena personal training program focuses on the three 'pillars' of health; exercise, nutrition, and rest and recovery. Our program promotes optimal health despite age, health history, or desired goal. You can expect to enjoy six key benefits.

1. Increased muscle tone and strength
Starting in your mid-twenties, you start to lose 1/2 pound of muscle every year. Personal weight training is needed to combat and reverse this muscle loss and to keep you strong as you age. The stronger yo are, the more energy you have to experience all the things you enjoy to do.

2. Increasing the density and strength of your bones
Our personal training is safe high-intensity training. Our high-intensity personal weight training was developed in an osteoporosis study. Weight training is the only way to combat, reverse and halt osteoporosis with medication. High-intensity personal strength training is also the safest and quickest way to build bone. We have helped several clients increase their bone density in a matter of weeks.

3. More flexibility
Our workout stretches your muscles through a full range of motion. When your muscle stretches throughout its full range of motion, you increase your muscle's flexibility and as a result you strengthen your balance. Your personal training not only enhances the flexibility of your muscles but also strengths your ligaments and tendons..

4. Increased cardiovascular health
An strong cardiovascular system workout will invigorate your heart and lungs. Your workout will cause them your heart to send oxygen throughout your body and to your working muscles. The more intensely your internal organs are challenged, the more oxygen your muscles will demand. As a result your cardiovascular system will work harder and grow stronger.

5. Enhanced resistance to injury
Your muscle performs as a cushion surrounding your body's bones and joints. Your muscle stabilizes your bones and joints and protects them against injury. Muscles absorbs the impact of your everyday wear and tear, which allows your bones and organs to remain safer and stronger.

6. Increased metabolism
Muscle is the source of your metabolism. More muscle on your body increases your metabolism and supports steady and meaningful weight loss and maintenance. Just another reason to meet with one of our Pasadena personal trainers as soon as possible.




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