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Your 30 Minute Session

You may wonder what a typical session with a personal trainer, Pasadena is like at The Strength Shoppe. After your first introductory consultation, sessions are once a week for thirty minutes. You may choose to schedule your session on the same day and time with the same Pasadena personal trainer each week or you may choose to vary your schedule to accommodate busy travel plans or unpredictable work hours. Sessions are scheduled at your convenience and our personal trainers, Pasadena are able to accommodate most preferences.

Superslow strength training is a safe yet very effective, efficient form of high-intensity weight training. In order for exercise to be most effective, proper form must be maintained. Your Pasadena personal trainer will monitor your repetitions to see that they are the correct speed to completely eliminate momentum so that your muscle is working throughout the entire movement, that they are smooth and fluid to eliminate unnecessary force on your body, and that you are lifting the correct weight and performing an adequate number of repetitions for your workout to yield the best results.

When you arrive for your session, another client may be finishing with your personal trainer, Pasadena. You may wait on one of the benches outside the facility for the previous session to end or you may quietly enter the facility to access the dressing rooms to prepare for your session. You may leave purses, bags, and clothing in your dressing room during your session. Changing clothing is not necessary when strength training with your Superslow Pasadena personal trainer. Some clients choose to exercise in their street clothing (even suits and dresses!) simply because most people do not sweat during their sessions. Still, dressing rooms are available if you would feel most comfortable in workout attire.

The personal trainers, Pasadena at The Strength Shoppe also design a nutritional protocol for each individual client. Nutrition is a very important part of a fitness program, and in order to achieve optimal results, you must use proper nutrition to properly fuel your body and build muscle. Following a balanced eating plan consistently and throughout your life is key to achieving and then maintaining the results you desire from your program with your Pasadena personal trainer.

At the beginning of the session, your Pasadena personal trainer will address your progress regarding your individual goals. At this time, some clients submit food diaries for suggestions while some clients choose to email their Pasadena personal trainer throughout the week for their meal suggestions and nutritional guidance. If a client chooses to have a weekly weigh-in, the personal trainer, Pasadena weighs the client without socks and shoes and records weight in pounds and percentage of body fat on a fitness profile. Your fitness profile will measure your progress and provide motivation for you to achieve your designated goal each week.

Your Pasadena personal trainer will set your machines in advance so that you may progress through the workout as quickly as possible to keep your heart rate elevated and to thoroughly tax your cardiovascular system. Most clients will begin with exercises that tax their largest muscles first. Your Pasadena personal trainer will coach you through each exercise, focusing on your form to ensure your safety and that you are fatiguing your muscles thoroughly to attain the most benefit from each exercise.

At the end of your session, you may choose to take some extra time on our stretch machine. Stretching your muscles after they have been fatigued is a great way to increase your flexibility and your range of motion. Your personal trainer, Pasadena will assist you on the stretch machine, making sure that you are breathing consistently and that you are stretching the muscles correctly for safety as well as effectiveness.

After your personal training session with your Pasadena personal trainer, you will be provided with either room temperature or cold water to keep hydrated. Water is available before and throughout your session as well. The personal trainers, Pasadena at The Strength Shoppe recommend eating a protein within the first hour following your session. For your convenience, high-quality protein bars can be purchased from your Pasadena personal trainer. The dressing rooms will be available to you after your session so you may get back to your busy day. If you need to schedule another appointment or make a payment for future appointments, your Pasadena personal trainer will help you at the end of your session. When you leave the facility you will have a new goal for the week that will bring you one step closer to your end goal!!

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